Accept loads in a jiffy!

Find loads tailored to your exact preferences through our smart load board. Wajeeh's load board smartly suggests the Carriers with the best loads for them making sure the carriers do not return back empty load.
Immediate Payment

The biggest concern which Carriers have, delays in payments which is the norm is eliminated by our solution. Payment delays today are 30 to 90 days late. We offer payment right when the delivery is done. As soon as the job is completed, the Carrier will have the payment done in whatever mode they choose.

Driver & Trip control

A central system for the Carriers to track their trips, manage their drivers, monitor delays, and make their service effective through this control. We provide you with an effective tool, not just to monitor driver activity, but to keep track of licenses and other documentation. Notification system to alert you on the expiration of licenses and other registrations.
In addition to tracking jobs undertaken under Wajeeh, we enable the Carriers to track their trips booked outside Wajeeh.

Finance & Documentation

Carriers can now directly send invoice through our service, claim payments, receive freight & load clearance documentation, licenses etc.
Wajeeh enables you to track financial history, you can have comprehensive reports detailing income figures, trip figures and various other key details filtered by truck, driver, shipper, period etc.
E-Invoicing that is soon to be made mandatory, is now readily available within this platform.

Wajeeh Load Board

A user-friendly, state-of-the-art dashboard designed to control, schedule, track, assign and accept jobs. Enabled with a smart rate card for the Shipper for selection, and for the Carrier to accept jobs that best suit their bottom line.

Backhaul trips

An opportunity to earn more on Return Loads. Scheduling and planning are made easy in our service, you can earn more by planning a return load.

Business Guarantee

With our B2B partnerships with reputed Shippers, we guarantee business for Carriers, we open access to a market previously unknown and impossible to Carriers that are new entrants.

Load Board

The fast way to keep your truck full

A user friendly, state of the art dashboard designed to control, schedule, track, assign, quote and accept jobs.
An opportunity to earn more on Return Loads. Scheduling and planning is made easy in our service, you can earn more by planning a return load.
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    Earn More

    Meet or exceed on-time performance benchmarks with unparalleled precision

    Digital Invoicing

    You do not need separate apps for invoicing, no more hard copies. Wajeeh comes with an inbuilt e-invoicing solution.

    Lower Costs

    Committed return loads, and efficient operations with free management tools to make the overall operations profitable.