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Enterprise shipping is unique and complex

Enterprise shipping is sophisticated and has its own challenges. Wajeeh system is designed to leverage emerging technologies, benefiting Enterprises with data insights, efficient logistics, operational efficiencies, automation and instant execution.
Wajeeh pairs advanced technologies with deep-seated industry expertise to fuel growth, simplify operational complexity and bolster efficiency for carriers and shippers alike. As your logistics experts, we leverage our technology to absorb your unique objectives and provide you with the flexible capacity you need to meet your service requirements and efficiency goals.
So similar to if Systems are integrated

Wajeeh is designed considering the outputs of various Enterprise systems. We provide a comprehensive platform that would give you the feel that the systems are integrated to your trusted systems for your freight management. From booking to invoicing everything can be now managed through Wajeeh easily and the platform is strong enough as if backed up by your enterprise software.


No matter what complex technology you use, at your side, we have designed Wajeeh in a way that it comes to the level with your systems and is fully compatible.

User friendly

We have done research and testing to suit your technology your specifications and your needs, keeping into consideration ease of use. Wajeeh is designed to function in a way that is the best fit per your requirements.

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