Port Drayage

Control port drayage of your shipments through Wajeeh. Avoid various accumulated costs charged on ports. Prolonged storage, parking costs etc. We offer the best in industry Carriers, professionals who know the value of time. This industry requires proper time management for a reduced cost. And the Carriers we list have a reputation for being prompt and responsible.

Tracking online is key to monitoring the shipment is lifted from the port on time. Knowing where the Carrier is, and how quick he is to take action can become tools for managing and reducing costs at ports.


We provide comprehensive trip reports by Carrier, so that you make informed decisions about assigning jobs keeping in consideration the urgency and cost constraints.

Range of Carriers

We provide Carriers who do not reject short haul trips just because they are tedious and low paying, we offer a variety of Carriers who are keen in taking up work. Short haul or Long haul we have Carriers ready to take your job.

Reduce Costs

With proper time management and tracking tools available on the Wajeeh platform, we work towards a reduction in port costs. We are aware of your concern about empty space at the port within your entitled free days.

Port Partners

Apart from the Carriers list, we provide a list of contacts of Port Authorities for document sharing and clearance handling through our platform. Wajeeh is a one-stop solution for your entire freight control.


Clearances, licenses, registrations, invoices, orders, bill orders etc. All legalities and paper work in one source, at one place, easily accessible and easily shared amongst your Carrier partners.
Documentation logged by job, saves time, saves headache.

Reducing Cost

Wajeeh's Port Drayage

Wajeeh platform is integrated with the systems at the Port Authorities to monitor your Shipments, know the status of your containers, communicate with the authorities, to provide and transfer documentation. This enables emptying and reducing port costs.
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